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My intro to cockby fuckmeanywayTrue Story, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Rape, Water Sports/PissingAuthor's infosGender: N/AAge: N/ALocation: N/APosted Tue 13th of June 2006Font size : - +Introduction:A story of a brother introducing his brother to cockWhy I am bisexual? I have an idea. All I know is I love everything a woman can do. Fucking pussy and ass, great blowjobs, I love it all. I love the look of a woman's body. They can be fat or skinny, it doesn't matter. I think they are so beautiful.But I have this other stirring in me. I am not really turned on by guys, but I love dick. When I see pornos, I love the dick going in and out of mouths pussies and asses. It could be fucking a guy or girl. It is just hot to me. I fuck my wife almost daily, but I dream of cock pounding my ass and shooting in mouth. I must be a real cock slut because I often draem of both my ass and mouth being filled at the same time.But how did I end up that way. I think it started when I was 10. My brother was 7 years older than me and I had caught him fucking gorls a couple of times. It was hot to see him humping these teen girls with his long teen dick.One night I saw him sneak the next door girl in his room. I could hear them fucking in his room next door. When he sneaked her back to her house he told me to come in his room.We started talking about what he was doing. I only had some vague ideas. He said it felt great and started talking about masterbation. He asked me if I wanted to see. I was excited and told him yes.He pulled out his dick. It was a curious sight for a 10 year old. It was soft, but had good length and all that hair around his cock. He started stroking his cock up and down and explaining to me the finer points of jerking off. He cock grew in size and became really hard. My brothers cock was not that wide but it was long. After about five minutes of stroking he said, "Hey, do you want to taste some pussy?""Yea, that would be great," Isaid."Put your mouth on my dick. Go ahead it'll be OK."I was so curious. I seemed wrong but I wanted to know. I put my mouth over his head and went down just a little. I immediately got a shot of pee in my mouth. I pulled off his dick and started spitting his pee out.He said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead and put your mouth on my dick. It won't happen again. And go down a little further."I was stupid enough to believe him. I put my mouth on his dick and went down a little further on his cock. He let go of the base of his dick and piss started to pour into my mouth. I tried to pull off, but he grabbed the back of my head as his man piss poured into my mouth. I swallowed some of it in self-defense, but a lot of it poured out of the sides of my mouth.When he was done pissing, he let go of my head. I jumped up and tried to spit the piss taste out of my mouth. "You're an asshole," I told him.I started to walk out of the room. He said, "Wait, I want to show you one more thing." he told me this as he stroked his cock to full hardness.I said, "I am not putting my mouth on it again!"He said, "This is the part I was telling you about." He focused his storking more on the head and white cum started to flow from the end of his dick. He gave a couple of long strokes and exploded cum onto his stomach.He said, "That is the best feeling in the world. In a couple of years you will be able to do it."I was disgusted and excited at the same time. I went to brush the piss taste out of my mouth and headed back to my bedroom. I must have been tired because when my head hit the bed, I went right to sleep.I wasn't asleep too long when I was woke up with my brother with his knees on my arms and his hard dick in my face."What the hell," I said."Shut up! You will wake mom and Jack.""I don't care," I cried. He put his hand over my mouth and said, "You will shut up and do what I tell you or I will beat the hell out of you when the parents aren't here. Do you understand?"I knew he would because he always tortured me. He beat me up and he would hold pillows over my face. There were times I thought I would die.I shook my head yes. He uncovered my mouth and said, "OK. Put my dick in your mouth and start sucking. Don't worry. I won't pee in your mouth."I opened my mouth and he put his cock in. I started sucking as much as I could in my pinned down position. It must have felt good because he let out a couple of low moans. I was afraid, but also excited. I really started to get into the sucking. Just my arms hurt from his knees pressing on them.As I got into the sucking more, he started stroking the base and parts I could not reach with my mouth. He stroked it faster and faster pounding my mouth with his fist. I soon got relief on my arms. He raised up in a fuck position and started trying to slam his cock down my throat.I gagged a couple of times and thought I was going to throw up. He showed some mercy and pulled everything out but the head. He said, "OK little brother, I'm about to cum. You just wrap your lips around my dick and I am going to fuck your mouth and put that white stuff in your mouth. When you feel it, just swallow. Don't worry. It tastes much better than pee."With that he started fucking my mouth. He seemd to know just how far to ram his dick in my mouth without making me gag. I took most of his dick,but not all.It only took a couple of minutes before his dick grew and he tensed his body. I felt him shoot his load in me time after time. All I could think about was his huge explosion when he was jacking off and now he was doing that to me.I was swallowing for all I was worth when he pulled his dick out and shot his final load across my face. He shot went from my llips to my forehead right between my eyes.He leaned down and said, "That was great. Now don't tell anyone because you know the consequences. And be ready, we will do this again some time when I am not getting a lot of pussy."That ended up being a lie. He got lots of pussy and I still had to suck his dick about three times a week for the next two years until he left for the Air Force. I am sure that I swallowed more cum in those two years than most women do in a lifetime. But I really enjoyed dick and enjoyed sucking and enjoyed the explosion of cum.My brother sent me down a path of cock worship that I would explore some more. Maybe I will write about those explorations some time.