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My slut wife takes a break, or so I thought. Debbie and I have been married for over a year now,we also have one child. Before our child was born Debbie and I had numerous men have sex with her. Of course I was always there and joined in on the activities. She became quite the slut and would let anyone cum inside her,along with taking a load down her throat. We vowed never to cheat on each other and said we would always play together.It was fun while it lasted but stopped abruptly when our son was born. After three months of her recuperating Debbie was ready for sex again. It was just her and I for a while which was good but we both seemed to want more. “Why don’t we contact Keith” she said “He did invite us to come by and swing with his friends”. Thinking about it I agreed to go down the swinging path and contacted him.He had told us he has friends that get together once a month. The next step was going to be a sitter, Debbie said she knew someone she could ask. I came home from work the next day and Debbie introduced me to Sheri. Sheri was a few years older ,single and seemed very pleasant. She also looked very pretty and I would love to slide under the sheets with her. She did seem to be the one, I was thinking so we agreed to use her. After a nice dinner with Sheri ,Debbie decided to go out for a while,leaving me with my son.I would have wanted to go out with Debbie and leave Sheri to watch the boy ,but that didn’t happen.It was okay though since it has been a while for Debbie to go out.What I didn’t expect was when Debbie came home and woke me up. It had to be three am when I felt Debbie slide up on the bed and went straight to my cock. There was no kissing or hugging, just licking up and down my hard on . I took a deep breath thinking to myself my old Debbie is back. But then I began to wonder just what has made her this aggressive and horny. I tried to pull her head away and ask her several times but the way she was sucking me I had to let loose. Just like always she continued to suck me until she drained me. It was strange when she finally moved up and said thank you, then rolled over and went to sleep.I laid there in bed still trying to think about what made Debbie just quickly suck me off . “I wonder”I thought “did Sheri and Debbie have sex with each other”? I can remember when Debbie first started using dildo’s she would act that way. Well maybe,I fell back to sleep thinking about them and how I wished I was there to see them. I came home from work the next day with an idea about how to see Debbie and Sheri together. I was hoping if they agreed to my plan then maybe I could play along with them.Debbie seemed to be in a good mood and even rubbed her hand against my groin from time to time. “Hey sweetie,”I said after giving her a kiss, “Sheri seems like a nice woman. I was thinking since she was single maybe she would like to get together with us some night”.Debbie just gave me a stern look,”I think it would be a lot of fun having you both in my bed don't you” She then stood up pointing her finger at me “I am not bisexual”she said .”You can’t please me ,just what makes you think you can please two women at the same time”. Well she just shot my idea down, I was thinking ,watching her walk away. I then wondered what got her so horny last night if it wasn’t playing with Sheri.I then got suspicious when Debbie came out of the bedroom and said she was going out. “Don't wait up for me “she said, grabbing her purse and walking out the door. Well I did ,but Debbie wasn’t happy to see me when she came back home at midnight.I asked her numerous time’s where she went, without an answer from her. Finally after arguing with me for ten minutes she told me. “I went by and saw Keith”, she said “I also had sex with him too”.She then walked away and changed her clothes. I followed her to the bedroom to where she climbed in bed,”he is coming by with his friends Friday night too.She then grabbed my hand “he came twice in me “she said “so come on and fuck me I know you will like it”. “Damn”I was thinking as I got undressed “I do like your pussy used and full of cum”I said. She then spread her legs giving me a view of her loose and sloppy hole. “Come on don’t waste it “she said as she covered her pussy so as not to lose the cum that was still dripping out of her. I quickly slid my cock into her knowing that Keith’s cum was lubricating my cock. She was staring at me smiling all while telling me how much she likes having more than one man. “I like it too” I said to her as I continued to fuck her cum filled pussy,”I also like that the slutty side of you is back”. I really do like it when Debbie takes several cum loads in her pussy,I don't know why but I do. I was watching her expressions change the longer and the deeper I pushed my cock inside her. “I can't wait to join Keith Friday” I said as I got closer to cumming.”It gets me hard just watching someone fuck you while you suck the other off”. When I felt her pussy begin to squeeze my cock , she was holding her breath. I knew she was cumming so I started cumming with her,”that's it honey lets cum together” I said ‘just like we always have”. Debbie let out a “yes” when she felt me filling her pussy ,a low moan continued until we both got off. I leaned in to give her a kiss but she turned her head away and said”I also sucked off his friend”. I was kinda glad she told me that she had gotten a mouth full of cum. Kissing her after she takes my load isn’t pleasant, I certainly don't care to taste someone else's. For the rest of the week Debbie was excited that Keith and his friends were going to have sex with her. She was telling me about them and how handsome they were as well as the sizes of their cocks.”You're going to love sliding your small cock inside me”she would say comparing my cock to theirs.She would describe the sloppy sounds their cocks made as they pounded her pussy, or how deep they would push them inside her. To be honest I was getting pretty tired of hearing her say my cock was small. Yes I am only 7 and a half inches, I know because she measured me once . She would compare me to their nine inches and became dissatisfied after I fucked her throughout the week. By the time Friday came I was seriously thinking not to join them at all and when I took my son to Sheri I took my time.After just meeting Sheri I found that she was easy to talk to and had a laid back personality. She seemed to be someone that I could be comfortable talking to about Debbie as apparently she has known her for a while. Sheri seemed to notice that something was wrong and told me to sit down and offered me some coffee.”What is the matter”she said then,“let me guess ,still no playing in the bedroom”? She smiled then tilted her head towards me”it is normal after a woman gives birth not to want to be intimate”. I kinda chuckled “no it is not that” I said then took a sip of my coffee,”she wants more”.Seeing the look on Sheri's face I quickly said “oh it’s not a problem for me. We used to do it for hours,it is Debbie she wants more than just me”. Sheri laughed “well that’s Debbie”she said then told me that she went to school with Debbie. “She was quite promiscuous,and word was she would give a hand job to anyone that wanted one.I guess she even got caught in the boys locker room with a couple of them”. Sheri then shook her head and said “she hasn’t changed”. “ I did let her do it with a couple of guys” I said but I never expected it would go so far.We were supposed to go to a swinger party tonight, but she said that I couldn’t have sex with another woman. We got into an argument about that so we are not going now.She decided instead to have a couple of guys over tonight too ,and told me I could only watch.So here I am ,sorry for venting like this but it is a problem because I don’t want to just watch her. Sheri got up “let me put the boys to bed then I will be back and we could talk some more”she said.I watched Sheri walk away admiring her thin body.The wide gap between her legs drew my attention along with her long blonde hair that draped half way down her back She was very pretty even though she had small breasts she made my cock grow. A few minutes later Sheri came back with a bottle of wine, smiled at me then asked if I wanted to get high. I looked at the bottle and told her “I am not a good drunk, but high hell yes.Debbie made me stop doing this” I said when she handed me a joint.Sheri ushered me to the living room where she had some music playing. “Have a seat”she said, slapping the sofa beside her,now where were we”?She took another hit ,coughed then said “oh yea Debbie,I am surprised that she even had a baby. Back in school all the boys called her a tease,just a blow and go Doll.How did you get hooked up with her anyways”Sheri asked “you don’t seem to be her style”? I was just about to answer her when the phone rang,”yes he is here” I heard Sheri say .She was looking at me as she listened to Debbie on the other line.I watched Sheri ‘s expressions with what Debbie was saying as her voice got louder. “Maybe, Sheri said , then I don't know I actually like his company, I will ask him”,then hung up . Sheri laughed just as the phone rang again ,she picked it up then just sat it down. Debbie started yelling at us telling me the boy’s are here and I am going to start without you. “Go ahead slut”Sheri said which got Debbie really pissed off .She then started calling Sheri every name in the book. When she called Sheri a cum slut ,Sheri took the phone and walked outside yelling back at Debbie for a good five minutes. She was smiling when she came back inside and turned the phone off. She sat back down even closer to me and laughed when I told her I was sorry.She took a drag off the joint “she is lucky she is not here”Sheri said “I would knock her out”. She laughed again when I said “maybe I should go, I am sorry that she called you all of those names”. “You aren't going anywhere”she said “I told her that you were staying with me,and that is what really got her going”.Sheri then said ”I grew up with 4 big brothers, I know how to fight and haven’t lost one yet . We spent the rest of the night talking and learning more about each other,it was quite pleasant.She told me that her last boyfriend cheated but she just got even by bringing home someone ,and he caught them. “Did you cheat on Debbie”she asked me then said “maybe you should”,after I told her no.Sheri leaned in giving me a long kiss,then quickly sat back. When I tried to kiss her back she stopped me,”I better clarify what I said”.She paused then said” I don’t need a steady boyfriend I like being a lone”. She placed her hand on my face”you are handsome though ”she said “but I don’t want to be tied down.If and I do mean if you and Debbie were to break up I could use a handsome man like you to service me now and then”.She then gave me another kiss then stood up”damn ,but I am sorry I don’t do married men”. Sadly I watched her walk away then came back with a pillow and a blanket .Debbie thinks that you are sleeping with me tonight”.Again she kissed me saying damn as she turned out the light and went to her room. I went to sleep but was woken by Sheri some time later with a kiss on my cheek. She moved lower, kissing harder on my neck while moving over on top of me. When she knew I was awake she whispered ``come to bed “. Back in bed she again climbed on top of me grinding herself on my growing cock. After she got me hard she stopped and said “Debbie said I could have your small dick but it doesn't feel that small to me. Sheri was so much more passionate than Debbie or any other girl I have been with. The way she kissed all over my body, avoiding my cock,was just to keep me hard.She started moving her hips around as she sat on me until she felt my cock against her slit. She then began sliding up and down coating my shaft with her juices. I knew when she had small orgasms because afterwards she would lower her chest and give me her nipples to suck on.She would then kiss and suck hard on my neck before starting her journey back down on my body. At one point after her orgasm she moved back up kissing my body I let my hands run down on her hips .I started kissing her her pubic hair until she straddled my head and offered her moist pussy to me. Holding onto the headboard she began sliding back and forth on my face,moaning softly as I licked between her lips. She was careful not to make much noise when she would stop moving. As my tongue dipped deeper inside her pussy she would push down harder until she would cum. I think she finally had enough when she moved off of me and laid her head on my chest.Her hand finally grabbed my cock that was wet with my pre-cum. She again started kissing and sucking hard on my neck ,while slowly stroking me.It wasn’t a fast jerking motion she was doing but she was wanting me to cum. She would go from sucking on my neck then down to sucking on my nipple. The final time she kissed me was all it took and I erupted, spewing my cum on my body and her hand.Sheri continued until I was finished then ran her hand around smearing my cum on her chest as well. Sheri snuggled up and again started sucking on my neck until we fell asleep. I couldn’t understand why she was doing that until I saw the hickey’s on my neck the next morning.Oh Debbie was pissed when I came home and she saw them,but that is still to come