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The new metro sexual male phenomenon has taken over all the spheres of our existence. With men increasingly lending themselves to household chores, it is almost taken that they are not to lag behind in taking care of themselves. The rise in the number of spa-going men is ample proof this very fact. And though an increasing number of men are swearing by their personal experience at a spa, this is only the tip of the iceberg. While Best Bali Spa Furniture Review 2022 constitute an incredible 35% of the spa industry's clients, this figure is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. This not only goes on to show that men have started buying the concept of healing through therapy, but preferring spending time at a spa over playing a round of golf.Having said this, it remains equally true that men typically hate mush. Sensing this, the spa industry, which desperately wanted to include men into its female dominated bastion, started projecting the spa experience as a necessity instead of luxury, and naming massage as a therapy instead of mere pampering, and successfully so. Today the industry is more than reaping the benefits of the seeds sown, and is witnessing a booming number of males thronging to spas to get a taste of life.Men's spas - a paradigm shift from the women's version Men's spas no longer mean mushy places with an over abundance of pinks florals. These spas are tailor made for men's needs right from special bathrobes for men to longer tables that are spacious enough for the average male to get treated upon. They offer unscented products to appeal to their clientele. For tougher men, the spas offer sports massages, sports buff manicure, yoga and the like.Some of the most popular male treatments that men take to in the spas are listed below.Seaweed body wrapLove handles wrapBody scrubFacialManicure & pedicureMassage (Includes Swedish, Reflexology -- foot massage; Acupressure,Deep tissue, and Aromatherapy.)Hot and cold stone therapyHerbal or mud bathSteam and showerHot springsCold plunge (involves 55°F water)Research before enrolling for treatmentThough all the abovementioned seems good enough to entice you into a visit to a spa, it is important to research on a select few spas, lest you come out unsatisfied. To make most of the visit, take your own time zeroing in upon the desired spas by researching widely over the net or through friends who have already visited one. Once the decision is made, read about the spa on the web, and go through various comments that clients and patrons have posted. Also talk to the front desk staff to clear any queries and doubts that you might have. Do not forget to check the credentials of the spa and see if it is registered with the International Spa Association.Get into the moodThough this does seem a little weird, it makes sense because you won't be able to enjoy the experience if you are not prepared for it. A fortnight before the visit, start using skincare products before hand to check if they suit you well. If you find them satisfactory, you can continue their use between your visits. Enjoy a soak in warm water to which necessary oils have been added. In short, pamper yourself, before the spa takes over the reins. This is necessary so that you feel comfortable being handled by somebody else, however professional he might be.Avoid spas that also 'welcome men'Understand that spas that proclaim 'men are welcome' signs at the bottom of their advertisements are basically spas for women who do not want to let go off that male client. They might really not be experts in treating men or could lack the equipment needed for men's treatment.Crossover spas are wellVisiting a spa alone for the fist time can give shivers to most of the men. Having a female companion to escort you is a better option. In such cases, crossover spas are the answer. A unisex area with a special lounging area for men is what they essentially offer, where first timers feel comfortable in the company of female companions. But, click here are not couple spas by any means.Hybrid spasFor a first timer, a heavy duty spa environment can be uncomfortable. Hybrid spas, a hybrid of a salon and a spa are places where men can enjoy regular salon services along with special spa services. They are the 'only men' versions of women's beauty salons that have gained immense popularity in the recent past.Men only spasSome men enjoy being either with themselves or with fellow men. Such men can get pampered at men only spas that prohibit female clients. Enjoy the healing properties of a massage in a no-holds-barred environment where men can truly be men.ConclusionGetting used to a lifestyle where 'you' are the nucleus is definitely wonderful, and a visit to a spa will get you started on this. So go ahead and benefit form the knowledge of the therapists and the professional care of experts.