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The importance of SEO Meta tags cannot be understated in the online world. For years the search engines have been tinkering with their formulas for determining which keywords and keyword phrases should be grouped together for the purposes of optimizing search engine results pages. If you haven't heard, the "three C's" of search engine optimization, or the core components of search engine optimization, have changed a lot. The newest C is called "Content". Now the focus is on "Content".I believe the new focus is on relevancy more than ever before. Google has long stressed that they are looking for meaningful content in their search engine results pages. That emphasis has spilled over into other parts of their platform as well, especially in terms of their smartphone app. In fact, some of their first mobile apps are primarily built around content. seo understand that the user wants to find a good website where they can engage with their fellow users.If you have used search engine optimization software before, you will notice that sometimes you need to enter the values of your meta tags directly into the page source code. That's okay if you're just trying to do some basic tweaking here and there, but for truly profound changes, it would be better to create separate links for each of your tags. If you do that, you will not only improve your search engine rankings, but you will also make your coding a lot more manageable.Creating separate links for each meta element is important because it allows the search engine to properly gauge how important that particular page is. Think about it. When someone is searching for a particular term, they type in a variety of things. At times they will come across a website that is relevant to that phrase, but at other times they will click on something that is not pertinent. If your site falls into the latter category, then it isn't serving its purpose. By creating a different meta tag for each page you are building, you will be giving the search engine an idea of what the page should be about.The first thing that you should remember about SEO meta tags is to write them down. Don't leave this as a job for later. This is very important because there are certain rules that must be followed depending on whether or not the tags are allowed. For example, there aren't any rules that say that you can't place tags above the body text. This means that you want to be sure to put your keywords where they are intended to be seen.It isn't necessary for you to stuff your site with keywords every time you change the meta tags; however, it is important that you do so for your own sake as well. Search engines look at this and will take this into account when determining where a page should rank within the search engine. In essence, you need to think like a user when it comes to placing these important tags.If a page has keyword rich content, it is more likely to rank higher for certain keywords or phrases that these pages contain. This is why it is important to carefully select keywords for your pages. There are certain phrases or words that search engines look for more often than others. As such, you should focus on these keywords and use them in your meta tags and other content on your site in order to get your page to rank higher for those terms.Another important thing to remember when using meta tags is to make sure that you are using one Meta tag and follow it up with another Meta tag to define a keyword or phrase within your article or site content. This way, it will appear more natural to the search engine. You don't want to have all your content on one Meta tag and then have another Meta tag define a new keyword. This is a great way to look unnatural to a search engine.