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There are too many news articles on the internet about Bitcoin price predictions, which just give someone’s vague opinion of what the Bitcoin asset class will be worth in the future. The problem with these is that the person probably just said a number to get their name in a news article! You also don’t know what Bitcoin analysis they did, or even exactly when they made the Bitcoin price forecast. By displaying three central tendency measures (mean, median, and mode), you can know if the average forecast is being skewed by any outlier among the poll participants. In 4 weeks INR to BTC prediction on Thursday, June, 16: price 0.0610 Bitcoins, maximum 0.0656, minimum 0.0570. Rupee to Bitcoin forecast on Friday, June, 17: price 0.0601 Bitcoins, maximum 0.0647, minimum 0.0562. https://cryptoage.biz/ to BTC prediction on Monday, June, 20: price 0.0584 Bitcoins, maximum 0.0628, minimum 0.0546.