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As a beginner, you may assume it’s not worth it to pay for a membership in Old School Runescape, and it’s enough to play in the F2P worlds, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Buying a membership is actually pretty essential and will unlock almost 90% of the game content in addition to many features. This article will be explaining why it is 100% worthy buy a membership for Old School Runescape.Table of Contents1 Skills & Quests2 Armor & Weaponry3 Prayers & Teleports4 Food & Potions5 Magic Spellbooks6 Map & Money Making methods7 How to Obtain a MembershipSkills & QuestsOSRS membership (Bond) will unlock 10 various Skills which are very essential to make your gameplay much easier. The membership will also unlock many P2P Quests which are required to get access to strong money making methods such as killing Vorkath.P2P Quests, Old School RunescapeArmor & WeaponryThe best Armor and Weaponry in Old School Runescape can be gained through membership, otherwise you are not playing the game on its highest potential. If you stick to the F2P content, then the highest gear you will be able to use is the Rune equipment. The Rune gear gives very low defense compared to the likes of P2P gears such as the Bandos armor which is the best melee gear in the game. Extrememining Without a membership, your gear progress will simply cap in a very short time.P2P Gear, Old School RunescapePrayers & TeleportsIn the P2P worlds, you will be able to use many teleports around the world map via different items such as enchanted accessories. Completing some P2P quests will also unlock very useful teleport methods to almost everywhere in Old School Runescape. One of these methods is the Fairy Ring Transportation System which includes 45 teleportation rings around the map.Fairy Ring Teleportation System, Old School RunescapeIn addition, there are some Prayers cannot be used or unlocked without a membership, such as Rigour or Augury. These Prayers are very essential to the advanced gameplay because they give you more Attack/Accuracy bonus than the regular combat Prayers.P2P Prayers, Old School RunescapeFood & PotionsNew potions and food will be available after you purchase the membership, which will make your gameplay much easier. Extrememining Potions such as Prayer potions, which will restore your prayer without the need of praying at the altar. There’s also the Boosting potions which will temporarily boost your Skills to kill a boss or to complete a quest.P2P Food & Potions, Old School RunescapeMagic SpellbooksThe membership offers you more than just a Standard Spellbook. You can unlock 3 more Spellbooks by completing some of the P2P quests. These Spellbooks are very useful for game activities such as training your Prayer by killing Ensouled heads through the Arceuus spellbook, and it is much cheaper than burying Bones.Arceuus Spellbook, Old Scool RunescapeMap & Money Making methods90% of Old School Runescape map cannot be accessed without a membership. Which basically means that 90% of the game is locked without a membership. Also, making money in P2P worlds is much easier than F2P Worlds, since most of the P2P regions are very good places to make money.For example, the Kingdom of Great Kourend is a very good area to kill Shamans for Dragon Warhammers. And of course, probably one of the best money making methods in the game, which is Chambers of Xeric raiding.Money Making Regions, Old School RunescapeThese P2P areas are not just useful for making money, but also very useful to train all of your Skills. Actually training your combat skills will be much faster in the P2P worlds since it includes more “high-reward” monsters to kill.P2P Training Regions, Old School RunescapeHow to Obtain a MembershipYou can either buy it for real money or for In-Game currency. Most of the players prefer to pay In-Game Gold for it, but if you are willing to support the game then why not real money? You can also check out the best ways to obtain a membership for In-Game money in a short time.