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┬ź [Help]KDbot - repair hammer? | KDBOT! dc ┬╗Similar Threads Private Servers List 04/06/2011 - CO2 Private Server - 11 Replies Last Update: 17/01/2011 Last Server Added: -None- By: -Nobody- I've noticed IDivideByZero has not been active since September by updating his official private server list. I will update it daily. Server list You can follow the form, I'm providing in the thread or you can make your own. 05/17/2010 - Runescape Private Server - 2 Replies BTW IM HOPING THIS GETS STICKY, BECAUSE ITS REALLY USEFUL! SERVERLIST101 Hello, I'v noticed that there is no proper way of advertising a RuneScape Private Server on ElitePvPers. Im hoping this will fix the problem... If you have a runescape Private Server write a bit about your p-server under. [Servers] A list of private servers. 07/05/2008 - GunZ - 9 Replies This is a list of private servers that is coming back or is already availible. DR GunZ (DaemonRings GunZ) - Updating Or So Don't Know Yet. LG GunZ (LegacyGamers GunZ) - They might be reopening in like 5-10 weeks. GunZ P (I forgot what the P means) - Copyed some of LG GunZ work since LG's source is out. It is a very good server to play and pretty wierd. SGunZ (Smurf GunZ) - Coming Soon. I will update this list later on I guess these are the most popular private servers I know.