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Rockstar Games has been a firmhold in modding for a long time. Grand Theft Auto V has thousands of visual and gameplay mods. Its online counterpart, 'GTA Online' isn't a different case. Since its release in 2015 for Windows, GTA Online has gained immense popularity among PC gamers because of Rockstar's frequent content updates. However, it wasn't always like this. Even after Rockstar tried to fix the server issues in the form of repetitive gameplay, other game-breaking bugs the player base was slowing dying. Fivem Server List In the next few months, small groups of modders began working on a variety of community-driven modifications with the goal of reviving GTA Online. It came to fruition sooner than they anticipated. Modders were able to create a new online multiplayer system using Rockstar's RAGE engine. Then the dedicated GTA Online servers were introduced with brand new game modes, and also updated AI weapons, characters, vehicles, and many more. Now that Rockstar's GTA Online has seen significant improvements in terms of updates to content expansion as well as the most popular GTA Online mods like FiveM and NoPixelRP have a respectable player base. GTA RP (role-playing) streams from famous Twitch streamers get massive amounts of views as well. If you own a genuine copy of Grand Theft Auto V, read this guide to find out more about two of the most well-known GTA online multiplayer mods and how to install them. FiveM Mod FiveM is among the first multiplayer mods for GTA Online, which is still a popular choice for players due to its flexibility for server and client-side modifications. Custom server owners have the option to make their own maps, weapons, and character models, as well being able to open their servers to 128 players. As a contrast, GTA Online allows up to 30 players on one server. Because FiveM uses the stock GTA:O network code, you will not experience any disconnection or desync issues while playing on the FiveM server. It also makes FiveM a safe multiplayer mod to ensure that players don't get banned for playing on customized GTA Online servers. Installing FiveM Unlike other mods, It is pretty easy for players to install the FiveM multiplayer mod. It comes in an independent client application that doesn't interfere with game files or the Rockstar Launcher. Visit fivem.net via a web browser on your computer. Fivem Server List On the FiveM webpage Click Download client. Click "Sure,I agree!" to agree to FiveM's terms of service. To agree to FiveM's terms of service. FiveM installer should start downloading automatically. If the FiveM installer isn't downloading on its own, you can manually click on the link that appears on the website. Start the FiveM installer from your downloads folder. It will begin downloading important files to the client's computer. The installer will check your game files to confirm that your copy of GTA V has been authenticated. If the "FiveM requires updating the game cache" dialog box appears Click Yes. It may take several minutes to download the update and install it. After successful installation, a shortcut to the FiveM launcher will be added to your desktop. Double-click it to start it. From the launcher, you will have access to the FiveM forums servers, servers' history, favorites, and settings. In the Servers section you can find all the FiveM servers. On the left-hand side of the screen you'll find server tags such as cars cops and roleplay, jobs and more. Joining a server is as easy as choosing it and clicking Connect. This will launch GTA Online automatically. NoPixel Modified RP The NoPixel RP mod is great for role-playing. It is extremely popular with Twitch streamers, including Summit1G, Lirik, Greek, Forsen, and many more. The character that emerges is random, and could vary from a drug kingpin to an officer from the police force. When players join a role-playing server, the rules are stringent, and common mistakes such as acting immaturely or breaking characters are punishable offences. The popularity also makes it quite tricky for regular players to sign up to NoPixel servers for RP. Sign up for an account with NoPixel Account, fill in this application form, then wait for approval. Based on your answers to questions asked in the application form, moderators of NoPixel RP servers will decide your character's gameplay. In comparison to FiveM, NoPixel supports up to 32 players in one server. If you want to join one, you'll have to wait in a queue until someone disconnects. Installing NoPixel RP NoPixel provides an independent launcher that runs RP servers. You can download the launcher here when you're certified. Installing the launcher is pretty straightforward and doesn't require any configuration. You can connect to an RP server directly through the server browser in the launcher. Alternately, you can join NoPixel servers through FiveM. Final Words This guide provides two highly-rated GTA Online multiplayer mods. It also provides a simple installation guide. If you have any queries about this guide, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.