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Why is my car insurance for my 1st carIndividual Health Insurance Coverage - health background not great?"Im 17 UNDERSTAND INSURANCE'S PRICE WILL BE LARGE BECAUSE IM 17!!! But im jus wondering because of the range rover being larger with more safety characteristicsAUTO INSURANCE FOR YOUNG INDIVIDUALS?How can I get life insurance on my parents?the cheapest motor insurance is provided by what corporation?About howmuch you think my motor insurance will cost?Just how much could an eclipse be for insurance ?How to get auto insurance cheaper for drivers that are brand new?Where can i get the cheapest motor insurance if im 18?"In December my car while drinking was supported into by a friend of mine. He still does not and didn't have insurance. I told him i wouldnt do anything provided that he mounted the dent. He has still yet to repair and is attempting to get away with not repairing it