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Before startup are made, usually a business will list down all of it's stakeholders and the stocks they own in a pre investment cap table. Usually these stakeholders will be the original founders who got common stock when they started the business, and represents the percentage of ownership. The purpose of the pre investment cap table is to break it down into categories to make it easy for the investor to identify the companies with high potential. This also allows you to calculate the minimum amount of capital needed for any investment you might want to make.All businesses have various types of securities. startup have stock options as a way of issuing stock. These outstanding shares have the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a specific quantity of stock at a set price at any given time. If an investor were willing to buy the option however, then they would be buying the stock themselves. The pre investment cap table actually calculates the value of these outstanding shares and gives the percentage of ownership. startup of securities in businesses include debentures, preferred stocks, common stock and warrants. Common stock is a type of share that is normally traded on stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange. This is a very liquid form of stock that has unlimited liability. Unlike common stocks however, debentures have limited liability and are traded on over-the-counter bulletin boards. Pre Investment cap tables which have debentures and preferred stocks listed in the template also have other types of securities which are not traded publicly, such as options, agency positions, covered calls and naked short sales.One important thing to note about any of these categories is that there are many different ways how these shares would help your portfolio. For example, when you purchase debentures you are creating a position in the company. When the company becomes profitable or is on its way to becoming profitable, the shares will be purchased by investors and become part of their portfolios. The equity will grow in value and then the investors will sell the shares for profit.The same holds true for preferred and common stock. These forms of equity can also be leveraged by investors. The value of these investments will rise and fall in correlation with the overall equity in the business. Investors will also make purchases and sell shares based upon how the business performs. By using a pre investment cap table software solution, any shareholders will be able to determine at any point in time how these investments will affect their portfolio.Another way that an equity investor would be able to gain exposure to the market is through stock options. Stock options are contracts that grant the right to buy or sell shares of stock at a pre-determined price within a set period of time. An option will have an outstanding balance, either cash or stock, as of the date of purchase. If startup exercises the option, the outstanding balance will be reduced by the purchase price. The pre-determined purchase price will be based on the price that the seller originally paid for the option and will be discounted to give the buyer the right to sell the shares at that price.The use of an equity cap table software would help all levels of investors and all types of investors including those who invest through derivatives, commodity markets, and foreign exchanges. It would help even the most novice investors because they could determine how much of an income stream would be generated from an asset. Also, with the option to buy or sell shares based on the current value of shares, it would allow investors to remain invested for longer periods of time.Anybody involved in the business world can benefit from the use of equity cap tables to determine their portfolio. For instance, new or inexperienced investors would be able to follow along with the various formulas that are included in the software, which would make their lives much easier. Even veteran investors would find it useful to have an easy reference for calculating possible losses and gains. Also, other formulas could be used for calculating the value of options, stock options, bonds, derivatives, and other investments. All types of investors could also take advantage of the easy to understand and complete reports.