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What is a Pro Forma Cap Table? A pro forma cap sheet is a sheet that displays the financial data of a company in comparison with its current asset structure. The sheet combines financial data from different reports prepared by different companies to highlight the equity value of the holdings, the percentage of profits which can be invested, and the rate of dilution which would occur during an initial public offering (IPO). This type of financial information is often used by financial institutions to evaluate the valuation of a company. They use it to determine if they should invest in it or not.Why would a company need one? cap table google sheets use pro forma cap tables to evaluate the investment potential of a company. These financial statements take into account the percentage of total ownership which is owned by shareholders and the rate of dilution which can occur during an IPO or another kind of corporate offering.How do financial analysts use these types of cap tables? These tables are often used by the financial industry to help them decide what shares of stock should be bought at what price. The purpose of this kind of table is to show the net worth of a company. Investors can see the net worth of the current assets, current liabilities, net worth per share (NPS), and EPS (earnings per share). Investors will then see if shares of ownership are worth more than shares of liabilities or vice versa.Why would a company want to include this data? To show investors the current value of its shares is important. It shows a future Return on Investment which investors should expect. The pro forma cap table enables an investor to compare shares that could be bought by a shareholder with its actual purchase. Investors may choose to buy shares with more value than they could get them for if they sold them. This allows them to see the true potential return on investment that the company is likely to receive.To create a pro forma cap table investors will have to determine the Net Asset Value (NAV). They will have to create a written contract with the underwriter so that they can give the information on their holdings to investors. This should include the fair market value (FMV) of the company's common stock and also the prospective purchase price for future stock options and warrants. Investors should also include the cost of capital as well as the dividend yield on their shares.There are many different ways investors can utilize a pro forma cap table. The first is to allow investors to see all of the information on all of the companies that are being represented. This is important in that investors will have a complete picture of what each company represents and will be able to make a good decision about purchasing shares. Another way that this can be used is to allow investors to see what percentage of ownership will be authorized. With this information it will be easier for investors to determine if they are going to need to increase their capital or not.Investors will need to use a pro forma cap table if they are going to create an exit plan. An exit plan is used to let investors know what they are going to do when the market begins to experience a decline. Investors need to know how much of the company they are going to get, how early in the decline they are going to exit the business, and at what price they are going to sell the shares for. If these terms are included in the contract then the investor will be able to take advantage of the company and all of its upside potential. fast 409a of these things can be determined by using a pro forma cap table. These tables are used specifically because all investors need to look at the same information to determine what they are looking at. It is also a great way for new investors to learn how the company actually works and what kind of future it could have. If an investor already has a lot of experience in the industry then they may not need to look at these shares anymore as they will already have a good idea about what they are looking at.