User description

MiniRoyale 2 works on browser without any hardware requirements. With this way most players around the world could access this battle royale game without any problem. Just a browser and internet connection.In this game you join with some other 10 players around the world and try to survive and stay typically the last man until the end. All players collects supplies, tools and gadgets to survive better and much longer.There are different type of weapons, M16A4, AK-47, UZI, Shotgun, Sniper, grenades, smoke grenades, drones and even more...With this activity, at some level chemical weapons appears and zone gets smaller. You should stay in the zone and get aware for various other enemies.You in addition need to select your position carefully. Following jumping with parachute, you could end way up with other foes in same place. Controlling parachute is very important too!mini royale 2 io can easily break windows, toss grenades, shoot drones, use tablet logically! You will discover 15 distinctive weapon, different tools and inventory method within this game.When you like battle-royale style games, you are going to love this game!Also visit look menu to customise your character, build your own style. Set your own boogie and music on emote option in addition to play it if you kill a person in the sport just for fun!