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Reflexology, or foot reflexology, is a traditional alternative practice that involves the applying gentle pressure to specific areas of the hands and feet. The belief is that certain areas of the feet and hands are more sensitive than the others. To improve blood circulation and to relax joints and muscles, the practitioner uses pressure that is applied to those areas. There are many who question the effectiveness of reflexology to treat specific conditions. Numerous people have seen relief from reflexology when they incorporate the practice into their routines.Reflexology sessions typically last about one-to-two hour. They may be conducted privately or in with a group of professional experts that are accredited. Massages may be administered by the same practitioner in the event that the client is not able for a private consultation. Reflexology treatments are designed for specific zones of feet and hands with pressure. It differs from other kinds of therapies because it doesn't need oil or creams to be applied.The practitioner must determine the exact problem area for the purpose of performing a reflexology massage. After they identify the trouble areas and applying pressure to the affected location. The practitioner will then ask patients to keep applying pressure on the location in question for several minutes following each visit. This will allow their feet and their hands to become more familiar with the technique. An foot massage could take place in just one appointment or in a sequence of sessions. Many people find it beneficial to go back to the same place for the same treatment time and over again to get a better rest and obtain optimal results.The women who are seeking fertility reflexology to improve fertility are often advised to perform a series treatment that stimulates the reflex points in the hands and feet. According to the previous paragraph there is a belief that fertility could be related to the autonomic nervous system. If fertility improves through Acupuncture, it's believed to increase the production of progesterone levels and estrogen levels within the body. They control the menstrual cycle and stimulating menstrual flow. Reflexology for fertility is thought to increase blood flow, increase energy levels and improve rhythm, as well as relieve tension.A lot of women opt to undergo reflexology as part or an all-encompassing wellness regimen because it relieves pain, promotes circulation and weight loss and improves overall health. Reflexology is founded on the theory that our bodies react when touched through reflex zones of the feet and hands. This link between the body and its different systems that form the base for this form of therapy.Many health issues could be caused by malfunctions of the autonomic nerve system. Reflexology is a method of monitoring blood pressure, hormone levels, heartbeat, breathing temperature and blood flow. Blood pressure is believed to affect the ovulation cycle and control menstrual cycle. 출장마사지 Reflexology may be helpful for infertility , as well as for other hormonal problems. Reflexology can be used to help in weight loss and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.Reflexology can be used as part of an overall holistic treatment program or as an element of a specific program. Reflexology practitioners are qualified to analyze your situation and offer treatment suggestions. The theory behind Reflexology is that it works in conjunction with the body's defenses to ease pain. If you're experiencing discomfort or suffering from any other medical issue, Reflexology may be able to help you get relief.This kind of treatment is not meant to be an alternative to traditional treatments and medical procedures. Reflexology should be used only to achieve the goal you are trying to attain. It is most likely that it's best to incorporate it into other methods of wellness such as eating, exercising and meditation. In the event that there are reflex points stimulated by relaxing your feet or if there is a desire to regulate certain hormonal levels in your body, then reflexology can help.